Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Florida Gov. Sued over Canceling HSR Plans

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting today that Gov. Scott has been sued by state lawmakers to force the State and the Gov. to use $2.4B that was awarded for HSR.,0,1435007.story
By Dan Tracy and Aaron Deslatte, Orlando Sentinel
6:40 p.m. ESTMarch 1, 2011
Scott opposes the train because he contends it could run up billions of dollars in cost overruns, making it too risky for taxpayers who could be forced to pick up the tab.
"My position remains unchanged," Scott said late Tuesday in a statement. "I've yet to see any evidence that Florida taxpayers would not be on the hook. Senators Altman and Joyner's disrespect for taxpayers is clear by their lawsuit trying to force the state to spend this money."
The Supreme Court appeared ready to act quickly, setting a noon deadline today for Scott to respond. Scott promised his team would do so.
The suit seeks, at a minimum, a temporary injunction against Scott for refusing the train money. That's because U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has set a Friday deadline for sending the grant to other states seeking high-speed funding.

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