Thursday, March 17, 2011

City of Barstow, CA Fact Sheet on DesertXpress


The City of Barstow has published its own "impacts" that are estimated for the City and residents if the Desert Express project moves forward.  City of Ontario, CA. released their support for the MAGLEV project last week.  Also the City of Helendale (20 miles SW of Barstow and not connected to Interstate 15) is also considering opposition to Desert Express.

Remember that it has been proposed that the MAGLEV will have a a stop and including a maintenance campus somewhere within the City of Barstow (unannounced location).  Desert Express will not have a stop in Barstow.  It will only have the (2) stops Victorville and Las Vegas.  The MAGLEV will have stops at Las Vegas, Primm, Barstow, Ontario, and Anaheim.

You can find the City of Barstow announcement here:

Also the OCTA supports MAGLEV as well.

More and more City's are joining the MAGLEV movement and continue to ask hard questions like, maintenance, or why use a non-HSR wheel contact train that takes almost twice the time for it (DX) to reach Victorville vs. the MAGLEV to travel an additional 87 miles all the way to Anaheim with an extra stop in Ontario.

Don't forget Desert Express only serves the LAS airport.  MAGLEV serves, JWA (small bus transport to jwa), ONT right at the airport, proposed Ivanpah expanded LAS airport. and LAS.  

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