Thursday, March 17, 2011

NBA Anaheim Royals possibility

Another entertainment possibility that further entices and secures the ARTIC area will be the place to be for almost the entire year for sports fans.  NBA Basketball might be coming to the Honda Center across the street from the ARTIC.

The OC Register is reporting that a Nevada LCC has filled a name with the trademark and patent offices for rights to both the "Anaheim Royals and the Los Angles Royals."  The Sacramento Kings (NBA) are owned by the Maloof family.  However, no comment was made to the OC Register. 

NBA Kings trademark Anaheim Royals


It's reasonable to assume the NBA Kings would change their name for marketing reasons if they moved to Anaheim, because the NHL Kings are in the same Southern California TV market.
The franchise joined the NBA as the Rochester Royals in 1949 and remained the Royals when team moved to Cincinnati in 1957. It changed its name to Kings when the franchise moved to Kansas City in 1972 and remained Kings when it moved to Sacramento in 1985.
A spokesman for Anaheim Arena Management, the Henry Samueli-owned company that runs Honda Center for the City of Anaheim, declined comment on the report Wednesday night
You can read the entire story here..

The Honda Center website news section does not have any press releases about the possible move of the team.

Here are the time frames for Sports in the Anaheim area:
Baseball (Angles) April - October
Hockey and Basketball (Ducks, Royals?) November - April

The ARTIC area will be busy with just this part of sports.  Keep in mind this does not include convention center, disneyland resort, area vacationeers, and workers.

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