Tuesday, March 8, 2011

City of Ontario supports MAGLEV denounces DesertXpress

The CA/NV Maglev project has posted on its FB page that the City of Ontario California has offically announced its support of the Maglev project and denounced the DesertXpress project.  Here is just a small sample of the support the City of Ontario has for the MAGLEV project.  

(Go down to page seven.)

Don't forget that the City of Barstow, and Helendale are against the DX project as well.

There has been lots of movement forward the past few weeks showcasing how different the two projects are.  People are asking questions how can anyone truly support a project that its only stop is in Victorville, with a so called "future expansion" to Palmdale.  

DesertXpress does not utilize any airport connections, Maglev supports the new proposed Primm airport, Ontario airport, and is only a few miles away from both LAS and JWA.  

DesertXpress will take longer to travel: DX (Victorville to Vegas) vs. MAGLEV (Anaheim to Vegas) a 78 mile + shorter time difference in favor of MAGLEV.  

If you want to see the proposed times MAGLEV vs. Airplane (estimated in the year 2008):

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