Sunday, March 6, 2011

Possible MAGLEV from Orlando Airport to Walt Disney World?

We found this story from the Tampa Bay Business Journal on Friday.
Regarding trains in Florida, magnets could attract bullets
Date: Friday, March 4, 2011, 5:19pm EST

Former state Sen. Jim Sebesta says that within 90 days a private company will announce plans for a maglev (magnetic levitation) rail line between Orlando International Airport and Disney World.
He made the prediction during a Friday panel discussion at Bay News 9 in the wake of what appears to be the end of the proposed high-speed train between Orlando and Tampa.

Early Friday, the Florida Supreme Court upheld Gov. Rick Scott’s decision to refuse $2.4 billion in federal money to build the line. Later in the day Scott welcomed President Obama to Florida as Air Force One arrived in Miami.

Just 13 months ago Obama traveled to Tampa to announce the first $1.25 billion installment for high-speed rail. On Friday, he toured a Miami school touting education reform with former Gov. Jeb Bush, another rail opponent.
You can’t make up stuff like this

However, this isn't the first time that MAGLEV has been discussed covering the Orlando Airport (MCO) to Walt Disney World (WDW).
Way back in March 1992 there was a "working paper" from the Institute of Urban & Regional Development  at Univ. of California Berkeley that discussed such options of the Anaheim to Las Vegas and to bring MAGLEV directly to the Central Florida area.
The Florida Magneteic Levitation Demonstration Project route travels 20 miles between the 
Orlando airport and the EPCOT Center at Disneywor|d, with no stops in between (see Figure 3).  Speeds up to 250 mph will be achieved, with an average travel time of seven minutes over a single guideway. Ticket prices are $9.00 and $12.00 (1988) one way.  Tickets may be purchased directly as a part of air fare or hotel reservation

Integration with other transportation systems is not a great issue with such a short route. 
Automobile access is assured at the airport and Disneyworld, as well as access to local taxis and shuttles.  However, the route could be expanded, and there are several other transportation systems under consideration in the area. There are proposals for several people-mover systems nearby, and the Florida High Speed Rail Transportation Commission 
is currently examining the use of conventional rail for a high-speed rail system in Florida. 

Figure 3
It was rumored from a "old Disney Cast Member fable" that the reason why EPCOT has the land for such a lager parking lot (currently 11,390 spaces) was due for this very project.  That the EPCOT (with its name Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow) parking lot was to become a larger transportation hub like its sister at the TTC (Transportation Ticket Center) at the Magic Kingdom.  The route from the airport had been selected and almost secured.


(About 22 miles away from Orlando International Airport MCO)

The route from the (417 toll road) goes right into the backside of EPCOT.  However, almost overnight... the project never happened and disappeared as fast as Mickey Mouse can wave his wand.

What makes this even more interesting is that with the recently Dead FL. HSR project.  Walt Disney World was even offering land (50 acres) for its own station.  Could this land offer still be on the table?

We will keep our "EARS" open on this forward movement.

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