Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ARTIC / ARC website updates and announcements

ARTIC and the City of Anaheim have announced the short-listed (10) artists from (73) for the ARTIC project.  They have also updated the City of Anaheim (transit planning website) with direct links to updates of the project.

They have also updated the ARC (Anaheim Rapid Connection) site with the same format as the ARTIC site.

The City of Anaheim has also included web links for the Pacific Electric Corridor project as well.

Here is the list of the (10) Short listed artists for ARTIC.  

 R.M. Fischer 
 Adam Frank 
 Alice Aycock 
 Donald Lipski 
 Artist Team of: Louise Bertelsen & Po Shu Wang 
 Jim Gallucci 
 Artist Team of: Janet Lee & Jenny Voznesensky 
 Artist Team of: George Rhoads & Joe O’Connell 
 Mikyoung Kim 
 Artist Team of: Stephen Glassman, Philip Glass, Alejandra Lillo, & Russell Fortmeyer 

ARTIC (transit planning website)

ARC (transit planning website)

City of Anaheim Transit website (Main page)

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