Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vegas Inc article... "Train to Nowhere"

We suggest going to the Vegas Inc article from Richard N. Velotta; and read the lower article "Train to Nowhere."  A reader (David Adams) wrote to Sen. Harry Reid "tongue firmly planted in cheek" seeking funding for a high-speed train running from Las Vegas to Yerington, Nv. just like Desert Express.  He even got a form letter from Sen. Reid informing him how to apply for FRA funds!


Las Vegas to Victorville is about 183 miles.  So, we decided to do some fact finding for other towns on a map 183 miles from Vegas to see if an HSR could be supported.  

*Please keep in mind that there are NO proposed additional HSR routes.  The stats below are for a fictitious routing of what would be available for an HSR.   All routing, estimations, proposals, alignments, designs, etc..is for entertainment use only.  
Please direct questions to company(s) providing said service.*

Goldfield, Nv. ~ population 440  (not big enough for a sq. mile)
>Stops along the way...
*Indian Springs, Nv. (population 1,302 ~ 19 sq miles)
*Beatty, Nv. (population 1,154 ~ 7 sq miles)

Enoch, Ut. ~ population 3,467 ~ 3 sq. miles
>Stops along the way...
Mesquite, Nv. (population 14,800 ~ 15.6 sq miles)
St. George, Ut, (population 72, 897 ~ 64 sq. miles)
Cedar City, Ut. (population 20, 527 ~ 20 sq. miles) 

Seligman, Az.  (population 456 ~ 6 sq. miles)
>Stops along the way...
Boulder City, Nv. (population 15,023 ~ 78 sq. miles)
Kingman, Az. (population 28,068 ~ 30 sq. miles)

Blythe, Ca. ~ (population 20,817 ~ 26 sq. miles)
>Stops along the way...
Boulder City, Nv. (population 15,023 ~ 78 sq. miles)
Needles, Ca. (population 4,844 ~ 31 sq. miles)

DesertXpress route...(note, proposed not to stop at Primm, Baker, or Barstow).
Victorville, Ca ~ (population 115,903 ~ 73 sq. miles)
>Stops along the way...
Primm, Nv. (un-measurable. only housing for stateline casinos)
Baker, Ca. (population 735 ~ 3 sq. miles)
Barstow, Ca. (population 22,639 ~  41 sq. miles)

*all sats via wikipedia.com*

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