Sunday, August 7, 2011

MTA votes for Palmdale Stop for CAHSR


The MTA board voted unanimously on Thursday to endorse Palmdale as a HSR stop for the CAHSR line.
Keep in mind that County Supervisor Michael Antonovich is also vice-chairman of the MTA board.

This was proposed to keep the HSR route in the Antelope Valley instead of following "the grapevine" from Barkersfield, through Gorman, and then onto Santa Clarita.

You can check out the following articles here:

And you can also read an interview with the Santa Clarita Mayor on the local AM station 1220.  This story goes in-depth covering the connections of the E-220 (High Dessert Corridor) and the Desert Xpress possibilities if the HSR route is brought to the Antelope Valley.

Also in the later half of the story Supervisor Antonovich also requests that the September 2011 CAHSR board meeting be held in the Antelope Valley.

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