Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Barstow Casino meeting update (July 28)


The Barstow Casino project held its first public hearing about the proposed project.  It appears that the public comment portion will last until Sept 14.

You can read about it here:

An article from the Redlands Daily Facts wrote the following and how or if the Casino project success is based upon the DX project.


Rail project seen as threat to fragile Barstow economy

By JIM STEINBERG, Staff Writer


"There is a lot of potential to offset this (rail) project (but) I am very doubtful about its viability," said Ron Rector, Barstow's community and economic development director.

If the $160million casino opens, it is expected to employ more than 800 and inject some $40million in annual salaries into the area.

A spokesman for the developer, Detroit-based BarWest Gambling Inc., said the Desert Xpress proposal does not alter the business plan for the casino.

"It will be for a select group of people," said Tom Shields. "The other 98percent of the folks traveling back and forth on the highway will be our targeted customers.

"And you never really know about a project like this unless you see the shovels in the ground."


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