Sunday, August 7, 2011

Transrapid Lathen gets 1.5 million but there's a catch!

The test track in Lathen Germany for Transrapid is getting its final assistance from the German government of 1.5 million Euros!  However, it has a catch.  In order to receive the funding there will need to be a plan in place for dismantling the plant.

However, there was mention in the article that "An application to the Tenerife (Spain) route should be built."  

You can find the original German article here:

And here is the translated version for the story below.

Berlin / Lathen. The Federal Ministry of Finance provides an additional 1.5 million euros for the Transrapid Test Facility Emsland (TVE) in Lathen. This has informed the CDU Bundestag member Gitta Connemann.
Another 1.5 million € for Transrapid. 
The decision was preceded by intensive discussions at the Federal Ministry of Transport with the Parliamentary Secretary Ferlemann Anak, which had also participated at the managing director of operating company IABG, Rudolf F. Schwarz, and the manager of TVE, Dr. Ralf Effenberger. The funding would be on 22 of the Federal Expired in July, so Connemann in a press release. In the 2011 budget but an overall approach in the amount of € 5.95 million was provided, but is subject to a budget freeze. After presenting a rough concept for decommissioning funds so far in the amount of € 3.5 million had been released.
To achieve the award of an additional 1.5 million euros, were all involved, "pulled together" as the MPs. She especially emphasized the use of management and the works of IABG. "Others have lost the courage. This shows once more the special identification with a unique technology. The staff of the TVE have kept the technology site Lathen in the harshest conditions the faith. "The operation was able to rely on the support of the political community.
Municipality mayor Kar-Heinz Weber (CDU) said the result with relief: "Our joint effort has paid off. An application to Tenerife route should be built, I see more opportunities for the pilot plant. I hope also to use the considerations of the plant for testing of electric vehicles, will soon be decided positively. "
Now, according to the federal budget Connemann a million euros earmarked for the TVE. However, the funds are locked until further requirements would be met by the IABG. This included the concretization of the concept for the dismantling of the plant. About the release of funds would be decided by year end. Federal funding is at an end. "Everyone involved is aware that the TVE would result in 2012 on the basis of an application project. But until then will engage the federal government. "

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