Wednesday, August 10, 2011

CaHSR first section could cost an additional $7 billion


As reported by the AP and KABC-TV (Channel 7 Los Angeles)... New environmental reports released on Tuesday for the first section (Central Valley - 140 miles of track between Bakersfield and Merced), will cost between $10 - $13.9 billion.  Back in 2009 there was an estimate of $7.1 Billion.


Story posted 2011.08.10 at 03:06 AM PDT
Building the first section of the state's proposed high-speed rail line could cost billions more than originally estimated.
 New environmental reports released Tuesday show the first segment of the line in the Central Valley will cost between $10 billion and $13.9 billion, far more than the 2009 estimate of $7.1 billion.

The first stage of the line would stretch about 140 miles from just north of Bakersfield to near Merced. Critics have blasted the rail line as a "train to nowhere" because the first section would link relatively small towns away from the state's major population areas.

State lawmakers who have supported California's ambitious high-speed rail project questioned whether the state can afford it.

Supporters of the rail project said the private sector will be a significant source of funding and that the money will start flowing once work begins.

The Associated Press contributed to this story

Story posted 2011.08.10 at 03:06 AM PDT
This appears to give the "grapevine" route a bit of an edge due to the higher costs of routing through the Antelope Valley (Teachapi mountains) to the Palmdale station and additional tunneling to reach Santa Clarita.

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